Art Action Earwig’s statement

We are learning! We acknowledge that digital space is not accessible to everyone. We come across various barriers, because virtual space is a big part of the material world where inequality is built in. The digital world heavily relies on devices and services not everyone can afford, sufficient space for data, complex formats of information coded, written, or audio-visualized. Having access to and engaging with them require certain privileges and specific abilities.

The system we live in disables a lot of us. It doesn’t “really” care who you are. It doesn’t even know how to care if one does not fit in the categories designed for its convenience and profit. We, as people and community members, must know that we need to make efforts to understand individual’s needs better despite the fact that we tend to embody the cruel system in order to survive in it.       

While we know that it is impossible to make it accessible for everyone through our own efforts, by the resources and knowledge we gain access to, we want to enhance accessibility to our creative endeavors by working with our community, including members with lived experiences of disabilities, access providers, consultants, and other folks who care about digital access and accessibility concerns in general.