What we offer:

This website provides short audio introductions with the Blind and Partially sighted community in mind, and an ASL introduction video by Deaf artist Ladan Sahraei. Audio introductions are provided for the following pages: Po-tent City Home page, What My Clothing Remembers, Shadow Sign For Bedroom Protest. ASL video is available in the side bar on both Home page and Accessibility page. The video can be viewed in a floating frame or on the full screen. 

As artists whose work explores a lot of audiovisual elements, we want our community members who face barriers with these elements to find doors to enter and join our creative activities. During our “Shadow Sign for Bedroom Protest” workshop at rEvolver Theatre festival 2021 and the 18th Heart of the City Festival, we invited Blind and Partially sighted audiences, and folks who prefer verbal engagement, to make “voice signs” and send it to us, to share it with the broader world. The participants were encouraged to record their voice, chanting a message about climate change.

We share Stephen Lytton and Amy Amantea’s voice signs, in solidarity, and for your inspiration. Play the captioned videos:
Stephen’s Voice Sign:
Amy’s Voice Sign:
How To Make a Voice Sign:
  1. Record your voice chanting a message about climate change. You can use your mobile device or Zoom recording function to produce an audio or video file.

  2. Send the file to our email:

  3. We will make a video with captions of your audio recording of a short message that can function as a protest sign. If your original video contains any visual, we will black it out for big white captions.

  4. Your voice sign will be uploaded to accessibility page.

We welcome your suggestions and thoughts, for us to grow in caring for our local and global communities. Feel free to reach out to Minah and Wryly by emailing us:


-Website accessibility enhancement by GunWoo Kim

-Audio introductions by Superior Description: Rebecca Singh in consultation with Christine Malec and George Quarcoo

-ASL introduction videos by Ladan Sahraei

-Voice Sign video editing by Wryly Andherson

-Project managed by Minah Lee