rEvolver Festival 2021

Shadow Sign for Bedroom Protest: What I Dare To Do In The Dark was presented at rEvolver 2021, on Thursday May 19 and Thursday May 26 at 7pm PST. These workshops were presented by Upintheair Theatre with community partners Mind of a Snail Puppet Co. These online workshops ran 120 minutes each. ASL interpretation was provided for the May 26 workshop. All presentations at rEvolver 2021 were free / by donation. Reservations were required to receive links or instructions for participation

In this photo by Marjo Wright, taken for the 2021 rEvolver Theatre Festival, the artists are standing side by side on stairs and smiling. The ground is wet and Wryly, on the left side on the first step, is holding a transparent plastic umbrella high up. The umbrella has an attached word “Action” made of red velvety fabric pieces. Minah occupying the second step on the right, is wearing bright red lipstick that matches her pants. Dangling triangular earrings with pink knitting swing above her indigo rain jacket. Wryly is wearing a black toque that matches the pants, a pink and blue stripe sweater under a dark rubber rain coat.
Art Action Earwig at rEvolver 2021. Photo: Marjo Wright

Upintheair Theatre  Presents Art Action Earwig’s
Shadow Sign for Bedroom Protest: What I Dare To Do In The Dark

‘What do you do when we need climate rallies while staying in our bubbles?’

These Zoom workshop gatherings empowered our actions and celebrated our strengths, despite many forms of isolation we live through. We made shadow and voice protest signs and shared them with the world from our bedrooms. During our time together, we also hung out at WWW Po-tent City, inviting open-minded humans to participate in diversifying climate actions online. Through your creative activities, the website provides spaces for the Po-tent citizens to dwell on. Refugees welcome!

ASL provided on May 26.

Conceived and Facilitated by Minah Lee
Conceived and Facilitated by Wryly Andherson
Web Development by GunWoo Kim
Produced by Art Action Earwig (Vancouver)

Presentation dates: May 19 @ 7:00pm PST & May 26 @ 7:00pm PST

Venue: Zoom Workshop
90 – 120 minutes
All presentations at rEvolver 2021 are free, donations encouraged. Reservations  required to receive links or instructions for participation
LIMITED CAPACITY EVENT: Max 30 participants per session.